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Sentinel Marketing Solutions

Website Design Project

Sentinel Marketing Solutions was founded in 2007 by a group of successful direct marketing executives, who together had over 50 years of successful direct marketing and call center experience. Our mission was established as “We will use all aspects of direct marketing to cost effectively bring potential buyers and sellers together." Sentinel offers Inbound Call Handling and Outbound Sales services.

They approached 1 Ton Design with a need for a fresh, engaging and professional look that would also be simple and to the point. They felt that their previous site may have been actually losing them customers and together we plugged the leaks. AND attracting new clients.

Services Provided:

  • Website Design
  • Info Graphics
  • Website Build
  • Website Maintenance

We spent close to $30,000 on our first website. That site produced little to no traffic, and proved to be a complete waste of money and time…although a great learning experience.

Ron’s team was refered to us by a multi-million dollar business that thrives on their ability to attract new clients through their website. In no time time at all, we were working with Ron’s team to develop a site that would actually generate traffic.

Not only was this site a fraction of the cost, but the transition was seamless, and the site paid for itself several times over in the past year. We’re so glad to have met and done business with Ron and his team.

Jason C Meyers
CEO - Sentinel Marketing Solutions

Professional. Experienced. Proven.

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