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Our Design Process

How do we solve your problem?

I deploy a simple and effective design process to all of our projects.

1 Ton Design provides high-quality visual communication solutions to help your business - large or small - look its best! 1 Ton Design offers professional design services to meet your requirements from initial concept to final implementation. By working closely with the client to understand their needs, we can provide solutions that effectively deliver information that sells your products or services.

We have put steps in place to ensure clear communication and goals through every step of the project.

Define Phase - We Talk. We Think

This phase is to understand you the client. We determine business objectives, target audience and any parameters involved in the project. We dig deeper to determine the scope and purpose of the project, as well as the expected goals. Once we have agreed to your dreams and ideas, I can offer advice and discuss solutions to meet or exceed your needs.

  • Define your clients and the competitive landscape
  • Define your key objectives
  • Define and better understand your target audience and market segments.
  • Review of the projects parameters to include: budget, targeted goals, timing, etc.

A large part of the design process is the initial consultation. This is where we make sure that we understand everything you need before the concept design starts.

brand design

Design Phase - We Create

After budget estimates, timelines and objectives are generated and approved, the project moves into design phase. This is where we brainstorm, develop, and present the design concepts for review and approval. Once we agree on a concept and direction, we begin implementing that concept. Time to get our hands dirty.

  • Conceptual Brainstorming, Sketches
  • Design development and refinement
  • Design approval
  • Development of final electronic artwork
  • Implement HTML and/or Graphic production.
website design
website design

Deployment Phase - We Deliver

The final step is to prepare the files for upload to the server or printer. 1 Ton Design follows up the production process with extensive user testing, presenting design standards, and/or print production.

  • Upload project for client review
  • Upon approval - GO LIVE with the site OR send files to the printer
  • Test the user experience
  • Ensure compatability
  • Define ongoing maintenance
website design

Long Term Partners

Establishing long term relationships with clients based on trust enables me to get to know my clients better and become involved with their goals and successes. Once a team, always a team. Project work will never replace long-term partnerships and trust.

  • Customer Service
  • Define ongoing maintenance
  • Solve any other client communication demands and marketing strategies

Professional. Experienced. Proven.

The Customers are out there. Let us find, grow and keep them for you.


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